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Scientific Organizing Committee

Santiago F. Gonzalez

Institute for Research in Biomedicine, Università della Svizzera italiana, Bellinzona (CH)

Santiago Gonzalez’s lab focused on the study of the role of inflammatory reaction in the lymphatic compartment and its relevance during vaccination, infection or tumour progression. From a technical standpoint we are using an intravital 2-photon approach to identify relevant immune cell actions associated with the inflammatory process as well as development new computational tools to facilitate the standardisation and automatisation of intravital 2-photon datasets. 

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Jens Stein

University of Fribourg (CH)

Jens Stein’s group investigates the dynamic cell biology governing CD8+ T cell-mediated immunity, examining their priming by dendritic cells in lymphoid tissue and investigating their surveillance of lymphoid and non-lymphoid organs during the memory phase

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Cornelia Halin

ETH Zurich (CH)

Cornelia Halin’s research interests lie at the crossroads of immunology and vascular biology. Using intravital imaging and other techniques her lab elucidates the basic mechanisms and the significance of leukocyte migration through afferent lymphatic vessels.

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Matteo Iannacone

San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Milan (IT)

Matteo Iannacone’s group seeks to dissect the complex dynamics of host-virus interactions with a particular focus on the development and function of adaptive immune responses. The group is using intravital microscopy complemented by molecular, cellular and histological approaches, thus characterizing host-virus interactions at the molecular-, single cell- and whole animal-level.

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